It begins

There’s no getting away from it, I’m a note-taker.

Ever since I started going back to Church again seriously, I’ve been capturing thoughts on bits of paper or in the margins of my Bible. When I was baptised in 2012, a good friend very kindly gave me a leather bound journal, in which to record my experiences as I walk with The Lord and I’ve really enjoyed using it. I also have a succession of small pocket notebooks which nowadays live permanently in my pocket. As a practice, I can’t recommend note taking highly enough – never leave home without a notebook!

As well as being a note-taker though, I guess I’m also bit of a storyteller and a hopeless addict to the digital world. When all of that is stirred together, my notes ending up as posts on a blog was probably inevitable.

I’ve had a couple of fledgling attempts at blogging over the years but nothing very serious. However, in prayer recently, I was strongly drawn back to the notion of writing a Christian blog. And so, like all good Christians, I immediately ignored the call, telling myself there was no point, no one would find it interesting, it would be too hard, I wouldn’t have the time…etc…etc… However, in the words of a much more experienced friend, a good sign that a calling comes from God is when your first human instinct is to avoid doing it! And so, in obedience – and for your enjoyment – here it is.

I’m really not posting as some kind of expert, rather as a follower of Jesus Christ who feels called to share the experiences they have along the journey. If my ramblings inspire debate then marvellous, but if they serve to inspire or encourage fellow pilgrims on this path, then so much the better.

I hope you enjoy reading.

And I hope the ideas don’t dry up!

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