Finding the quiet and stillness

There s a lot going on in my head at the moment.

I know I should be trying to spend at least some quiet time with God but the busyness of life is taking hold again.  I have several books (real and audio) on the go and also a succession of podcasts crying out to be listened to.  Oh, that’s not to mention the full-time job and family life as well… Perhaps I need to reclaim the former quiet time on my cycle-commuting journey?  Why do I find spending time in quiet and stillness so hard?

A lot of what I’ve heard and read points to the fact that, if you want to find God, you need to look to the stillness.  And yet, when I try to, my mind spins with the many things that I need to be doing immediately afterwards.  Watching TV, blogging, reading, surfing the net, writing my journal etc. etc.

And now that I’ve reverted to an electronic format for my notes, journal and blog, then the lines between them are blurring a bit.  Especially the question of when does a journal entry become a blog post.  I suppose it’s when there is something specific and interesting to say rather than a basic brain-fart?  Although this probably falls into the latter category to be honest!

There’s a lot going on and it needs to be simplified in some way.  Working it all out makes for an interesting journey, though.

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