New habits

So it’s the end of one year and the start of another.

Those of us who’ve made enough of them will know how easily broken New Year Resolutions can be.  Rather than a list of changes, all to be put into effect on Jan 1st and then forgotten about by mid February, I’m doing something different next year.

I’m going to list out the habits I need to develop in my life and one by one, put them into practice throughout 2016.  I’m going to start with a little and build it into a lot instead of doing it the other, traditional New Year Resolution, way around.  Experience with exercise and such like has taught me that a little and often is much, much better than a lot all at once but then never again.  Regular, diligent practice is the way that habits are built.

Something I really want to do more of is write, in particular (at least as a start) on this blog.  And so I’m going to pledge, here at the end of 2015, that next year I will write at least one new post for this blog every week.  It may only be something short but, like I said, a little and often is what counts.

It feels good typing it and I’m looking forward to creating something worthwhile, so let’s see how we get on.

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