Actions speak louder than words

Reality TV is very popular these days.

We seem to be extremely interested in the minute details of the lives of other people and this isn’t just limited to the comings and goings of minor celebrities on the TV.  People observe other people all day and, even if subconsciously, pass judgement on them.  While this tendency can range from the banal to the sinister (and often hypocritical) it can also serve an evangelistic purpose.  I will explain:

A fairly new work colleague came up to me recently and said, and I quote,

“Is that right you’re one of those Christian chappies, then?

I was quite happy to explain that I am and we then spoke a little more about his own beliefs (or lack of – a challenge for another day, I think!)  It was a lovely impromptu conversation, but afterwards really got me thinking.

I’d never told the person in question about my faith and so must only assume that another colleague had done so.  The experience really hammered home that once people know about our faith, once we’re known as one of the Christians in the office, everything we do is a reflection of that faith to other people. How we talk and act is a direct demonstration to them of what if means to be a Christian, which is to say the least, a tremendous responsibility!

However, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to testify, especially for those of us who would normally be very shy about discussing our faith.  There’s not much we can do to stop people observing the way we are and making their own judgements.  So if they’re going to watch anyway, let’s give them something to look at.

Let’s get out into our communities and be witnesses for Jesus by the way we act.  I read once that we are likely to be the only Bible that some people ever read.

Or as a good friend at church once said to me:

“Preach the gospel at all times….and if necessary, use words!”

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