A life worthy of your calling

Last Sunday at church we were looking at Ephesians 4, verses 1 to 16. It’s a lovely passage in which Paul encouraged the Ephesians church to use their individual spiritual gifts, in unity to spread the gospel.

It’s a great passage but to be honest, verse one hit me so hard on its own, that I spent most of the rest of the service thinking about that alone:

A life worthy of your calling?

Could each of us say we’re honestly living that way?  Does everything we think, speak and do fit with who we are as chosen sons and daughters of God?  It’s quite a challenge isn’t it. And I have to say for me, as the picture becomes clearer of the things God wants me to focus on and do for him, the answer is often no.

So while I thought, I wrote out a prayer in my notebook:


Translated for those who can’t read my scribble it reads as follows:

“Heavenly Father.  Please help me to understand your calling on my life.  Help me to live a life, to think, speak and act in a way which is worthy of that calling.

Help me to be humble, gentle, patient and forgiving, loving those around me as you love them.

Help me to focus on the areas of my life, my skills, abilities and passions which are from you and there to do your work.  Help me to grow them and set aside all else.

Lord, Again I give myself back to you, wholly to be shaped and used for your purpose.  I pray that you would use me as an instrument to fulfill your plan, your great commission, here on Earth.

Thank you that you chose me and dies in my place that I would be set free.

In Jesus’ blessed name.


Not perfectly written or phrased, but immediate and from the heart – the way that the most honest prayers are offered.

And that’s my prayer for anyone reading this too – that you would learn to hear the calling of God in your life.  He has one for every single one of us, whether we know it or not.  Whether we know him or not.

I pray that you would hear that call, learn to respond to it and develop a life which is worthy of such a mighty blessing and responsibility.

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