New beginnings

Well Spring has definitely sprung round our way.

As I cycled down the lanes to work this morning, the hedgerows were alive with birds.  Chaffinches and Goldfinches zipping across the road in front of me, pheasants and rabbits out in the fields.  Even Crows, Rooks and Magpies, vicious things though they can be, are pretty handsome really and add to the beauty of the overall.

And birdsong, upon birdsong, upon birdsong!  In most cases I usually have no idea which species is singing, but all the same, it’s a delightful thing to listen to for mile after mile.  I even heard a Woodpecker.

It’s lovely and real welcome change from the cold, dark months of Winter.

We had another new beginning at Church last night as we kicked-off our next Alpha Course.  I just can’t sing the Alpha Course’s praises highly enough.  I loved it when I first went on one and have learned something new every time I’ve led one since.  I think this will be my fifth time overall.

Although it’s meant and an evangelical ministry, all eight of us on the course are actually already Christians.  Some for a number of years and some for a couple of weeks but it has a different feel already to a group where most of the participants are non-Christians.  For a start there’s no holding back on prayer until the week of that particular talk (which is what I usually do).  We’ve launched straight into praying together as a group which can only be a good thing!

From personal experience, I can say that Alpha is as useful a discipleship tool for believers as it is for evangelising to people who don’t yet know Jesus.  I was already a new Christian when I first went on Alpha, some years ago.  It does us know harm at all to work through teaching on the nuts and bolts of our Faith in a structured way.  I always uncover something new and the vibrant discussions we had after the talk would seem to indicate that the others did too!

We have the makings of a great little group and I’m thoroughly looking forward to journeying together over the next 12 weeks,as we seek to know Christ that little bit more.



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