God’s at work

This post is a follow up to something I started here.

For a good while now, easily the last three years or so, I have felt that God has wanted me to do something for him in my workplace.  I’ve spent a lot of time praying about this and trying to discern God’s purpose for me and as a result, have had some had some fascinating conversations, words from people at church and doors opened to me.

I’ve been on quite the internal journey really, wondering what form this ministry might take.  Should I run an Alpha course? Start up a chaplaincy service for our company?  Or maybe reach out more widely to find other Christians on the business park where I work.  The search took me down lots of avenues and culminated in meeting up with a guy who runs the Christian group at a large UK utilities supplier and whose office is a few hundred metres from my own.

Steve and I hit it off very quickly and had a great conversation over coffee.  He shares my passion for reaching people in the professional world who don’t yet know Jesus and has done some great things in his own workplace.  He made a few recommendations, most notably that I link up with an organisation called Transform Work UK – a charity whose aim is to help people to set up Christian workplace groups.  He also told me about some of the things his own group had done and the positive reception they’d had among their colleagues.

This was all great stuff but then Steve asked one question that hit me like a hammer:

“Do you have a Christian group at your company?”

I was stunned to be honest.  I’d concocted some very grand plans to link up Christian groups around the business park and, ultimately, the wider city.  But the simple truth was staring me in the face – that we didn’t yet have a Christian group in my own office.

“It’s really simple” Steve enthused, “just get together a couple of other Christian friends and start praying regularly.”

And so, as though a lightbulb had gone on in my head, that’s exactly what I resolved to do.  Thanking God for another door opened, I started to pray about this new direction.

Most of the people I work with know I’m a Christian. I’ve never made a secret of the fact and will talk about my faith if asked.  As a result, I know a few other people in our office who are Christians as well and so I knew who to approach.  And coincidentally enough (or not*) within a handful of days I found both of the colleagues I needed standing talking together.   A quick conversation later and I was delighted to find that they were both up for praying together regularly!

And so I took a big plunge.

I wanted to find out if anyone else was interested and so went for the less-than-subtle “email to all employees” approach.  All 150 of them.  I typed a quick, polite note and bravely hit “send” before dashing out of the door one Friday afternoon.  My trepidation was however unwarranted as the few responses I received were all very positive.  One was even from a guy who isn’t a Christian but was really encouraging of what I’m trying to do.  And a couple of others were from fellow Christians keen to join in when they could.

We booked a meeting room for the next few months of Monday lunchtimes, made a sign for the door and have been praying in twos and threes since early May!

We pray for a our workplace, our colleagues, the projects we’re working on and our local area.  It’s a lovely break in middle of the day and I’m so pleased to be in step with God’s plans for the mission field he’s placed me in.

Prayer is a powerful thing and I have no doubt that just meeting and praying will have a positive effect.  However, Im also convinced that it’s just the beginning of something else and I’m really excited to see where this is going to go.

And you do know what?  In that unique way that only God can enable, things are already starting to happen!

Still more to follow…



*It’s a truism I know, but the more that I pray the more that “coincidences” happen. 

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