How it works…

OK so this is how it works…

You go for a quiet lunchtime prayer walk around the business park, full of ambition, boldly asking God to “Bring your Kingdom here..”, to “…open doors…” and to “…help me to take it to the next level.”

Nothing much happens but then, as you arrive back at the office, you pass a couple of builders working on the building opposite.

And God says to you, “It’s lunchtime.  They’re working hard.  Go and offer to make them both a brew.”  Or words to that effect.

And you reply…well actually you don’t, but you brush it off and go back to your desk.  God can’t really have meant that, right?

Then a minute later, sitting back at your desk, God says again, “Go now and offer those two guys a hot drink.”

So you do.  And after their suspicion of what this strange guy wants subsides, one of the builders strikes up a conversation.  He’s quite chatty in fact and opens up about how he’s struggling today with a painful tooth abscess.

And God says, “Offer to pray for him.”

Just like that.  This no nonsense, tough looking man you’ve never met before.  Thanks God.

So full of boldness (sort of) you say, “What’s your name mate?”  and he answers “Lee.”

And you say, with more bravado than you feel, “Lee, I’ll pray about that tooth for you.”  and actually Lee seems to appreciate the offer.  Then you have a pretty decent chat with him, which reveals that fact that his wife’s best friend has just moved into the same street as you.

In the very small village you live in.

Almost 25 miles away!

Then his phone rings and the conversation ends.

And you go back to your desk with that little glow that comes from being obedient to God but also the puzzled feeling, wondering what the bizarre coincidences were about.

And back at your desk, in the quiet, you pray for Lee and his tooth.

The best I can come up with is that sometimes, maybe often, we don’t get to know the end result of something we’re called to do.  I have no idea how our small encounter will impact the rest of Lee’s life.

But that’s not the point.  All we can do is step out and let God do the rest.

Always in God’s way and never in our own.

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