God’s at work 2

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve recently started up a prayer group in the office where I work.

For the first month or two it’s been a simple affair – two or three of us, meeting together regularly to pray.  We’ve been praying specifically for work related issues; our projects, colleagues, leaders and the local area around our office.

It’s been a real blessing to bring my faith into the workplace in a formal way, once a week.  Even just that half hour of prayer leaves us each feeling substantially more chilled and ready to get back on with the work at hand.

But being impatient, I keep on asking God for more!  I really believe that he wants to take this ministry and make other things from it as well as a simple prayer ministry.  Not that there’s anything wrong with regular prayer – of course there’s not and I love it deeply – but I have always felt that this was meant to be the beginning of other avenues too.

And so, as I often do on my cycle to work, I found myself one day the other week asking God to open some more doors and to show me how this ministry might bear other fruit…

Later that same day, at the last minute, I had to move our prayer meeting out of the room we had booked.  I wondered about having a prayer walk around the business park (it was a sunny day) but something inside told me to go ahead with the meeting and use the only other room available.  Normally we use a small room tucked out of the way.  On this day, however the only free room was right on one of the busiest thoroughfares in the office.  And I have to confess that I felt some trepidation about putting up my very obvious “Prayer Meeting” sign on the door.  Sounds silly I know and was a moment of weakness on my part.

Anyway…  A couple of us met up and started to pray and after a few minutes I felt that we should pray for colleagues with specific life issues.  I know at least one person on long-term sick and another friend who is going through a difficult divorce.  I named no names but prayed for their specific conditions.

No word of a lie, a minute or so after having prayed for people with relationship difficulties, there was a small knock at the door and in walked the colleague in question.  He said, “I really needed something to help me today, saw your sign and thought I’d drop in if that’s OK?”

Well obviously it was more than OK and I gave a massive thanks to God for a prayer answered!  He came in and joined us, praying silently for the rest of the meeting.

Afterwards, we had an encouraging conversation about our respective faiths which has opened the door wide for much deeper discussions since. I’ve been praying for this person for quite a while and had resolved to tell him as much on several occasions.  I would have too, if only that resolve hadn’t evaporated every time we were both in the office!  I know – further proof of my weakness!

But now I can offer my prayers for him openly and honestly.  And maybe be able I’ll be able to introduce a bit more of Jesus into his life such that our Saviour can help my colleague in the way that only he can.

It’s amazing what happens when we step out in faith and what God can do through us, even in our weakness.  This thing at work is developing in a few really interesting directions and it’s clear that God is blessing it.

I’m so grateful to be serving him in such exciting times and there’s even more to follow…





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