A spirit of abundance

I woke this morning in a bit of a foul mood.

Not for any particular reason at all, but simply one of those morning where all of the little things that you need to do are nagging at you.  In fact on that face of it, I have very little to moan about at all.  But this morning it really didn’t seem like it when that little voice inside reminded me of:

  • The broken garage door that needs fixing
  • The water butt that overflows and floods the patio
  • The million little logistical issues which needed sorting this morning
  • the distance to payday versus the state of my bank account
  • And so on
  • And so forth…

I’m sure you know the feeling!

But actually, this isn’t the way we were created to feel.  What I had this morning was a mindset of LACK when what I should have had was a mindset of ABUNDANCE.  You see I’m actually really blessed – we all are – and when we choose to focus on these blessings, rather than the niggling little things we don’t have, we feel so much more positive.

Jesus wants us to have (as recorded in John 10:10) “Life in all its fullness” or “A rich and satisfying life”.  But that has nothing to do with material wealth, success or having everything in life sorted out.  It has everything to do with our attitude of thankfulness for the things that we are blessed with.

My remedy this morning was to take my dog out for a walk over the fields which surround the village where we live.  I mean just look at what I have, right on my doorstep:




All of those shots were taken no more than a five minute walk from my front door.  Oh and they were taken with the camera I was given this week as a birthday gift.  And when I stop to think about it, I have the strength and fitness to go out and walk whenever I like.  And I have the freedom to do the same…

…then suddenly, when I started to consider how good life really is, I felt very blessed indeed.

We really need to spend more time thanking God for the things we do have, instead of bemoaning the things that we don’t.  By living in the dark, negative hole of a mindset of lack, we will find it nigh on impossible to be fruitful for the Kingdom.

But when we remind ourselves daily to be grateful for the things we DO have, we will realise the abundant blessings that have been poured out upon us.

And we’ll take a step closer to being the people that God created us to be.




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