Moments of spring

Yesterday was such a beautiful, cold, crisp, bright morning!  I cycled to the station as usual but for the first time in months, or so it seems, I am now leaving home for the early train in daylight!  Spring is in the air and we seem definitely to have turned the corner out of a long, dark winter.

It is certainly a special time to be about.  In the space of the first two miles, I saw a tawny owl fly across my path as it clocked off the night shift and a heron out on an early morning fishing trip.  In both cases I was to slow with the camera but the memories are just as precious as a photograph.  The snowdrops move less quickly though and so I managed a few shots of them!

In amongst all of the noise and occasional drudge of life, when set aside distractions, taking the time to stop and look, there are some truly beautiful moments.

Today marks the start of Lent and (as I’ve done a couple of times before) I am marking the season by taking up the “New Testament in 40 days” challenge.  I’m not going to read anything else but the Bible (and commentary passages if needed) between now and Easter.

Hopefully, the time to focus on God’s word, on spending time hearing from him through it, will let him reveal himself in new ways. Maybe, as with yesterday’s bike ride, by deliberately taking the time to look, I’ll find beautiful bright new experiences in passages I think I know well.

And maybe by Easter, as with the emergence from the cold, dark of winter into a bright new spring, I’ll have a deeper, more personal understanding of the defeat of darkness which Jesus achieved on the cross.





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