The 40 day New Testament Challenge is going well.  Over the last few days, I’ve made my way through Matthew’s gospel and this morning started on Mark’s.

I’ll tell you what, Mark’s Gospel really opens with a bang!  Compared to the more leisurely pace and deeper explanation of Matthew’s, it opens like one of those 70’s police shows on TV.  Cars bursting through windows, cops kicking doors in, bad guys thrown over pub bars…you know the sort of thing.

Mark chapter 1…Bang!  Jesus is on the scene!

In the space of the first page of Mark in my small NLT Bible Jesus has:

  • Arrived on the scene
  • Fulfilled prophecy
  • Been baptised
  • Received the Holy Spirit
  • Been tempted by Satan
  • Chosen his disciples
  • Cast out an evil spirit
  • Healed Simon’s mother and many others

I love it!  

It says that Jesus is here and he hasn’t come to mess about.  He’s come to get things done and shake up the status quo.  He has a mission to complete!

Think that Jesus or the Bible are boring?

Read Mark.

It woke me up on the train this morning.  I pray it does the same for you.


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