From head to heart

This was a hard post to write.

A while ago, I asked a question: “Do you know him? Do you know God?”

It’s easy to do the instinctive “Good Christian” thing and answer yes. But are you sure? Do you know him, or do you just know about him?

And therein lies a great difference.

It’s one thing to know God, to know facts and figures about him, stories from the Bible and so on. However, to know unequivocally how much he loves you, that he loves you no matter what you do. Or don’t do. That there’s nothing that you can do that will earn you any more of his love than you already have.

That, I am finding, is a very different thing and a longer, harder road to travel.

It’s the difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge. Getting that knowledge about God (facts in your head) to drop the eighteen inches or so into your heart. To become so much of a part of you that it is etched on your soul. So that it a deeply ingrained part of your identity; who you are and truly a rock upon which your life stands..

I have to confess that this is an area that in which I struggle.

I KNOW that God loves me because the Bible tells me so. Many hymns and worship songs tell me so. Sermons tell me so. Prayers from friends tell me so. But have I ever really experienced that unbridled, unfailing and unequivocal love of my Heavenly Father?

Honestly, I’m not sure.

Being me, I try to convince myself that it’s because I’m doing something wrong, or not doing something right. The curse of the activist!

But maybe it’s about simplifying. About just trying the best I can to spend time with him. About giving him all that I can of myself? Of who I am and not what I can do?

I really don’t know, but what I do know is this: That the next and most important step on my walk with the Lord is to set aside the baggage that’s preventing me from truly experiencing the Father’s love. He’s perfect and his love is unfailing, so the problem is at my end!

This journey through life with him is exciting and eventful. I love that about it. But sometimes, it’s about soul-searching, life-changing hard work.

I’m up for the challenge and the change it will involve.  If you can relate to this, I’d love to hear from you so that we can journey together.  If you’re the praying type, I’d very much value your prayers.

Let’s get God from our heads to our hearts.  Let’s really get to know him and not just about him.


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