Is your gift waiting on the altar?

At the New Wine conference in Harrogate last year, Mark Batterson said something that has stuck with me since. Well, many things actually, but one particular thing that is relevant to this post.

I digress..

He said when there is a call to go forward for worship or ministry, to go for it and (in his words) not leave your gift on the altar. 

In the impact venue at New Wine this summer,, the large floor space in front of the stage has been left clear.  It’s there for us to step forward and fill – to make that deliberate (albeit completely symbolic) step to draw closer.  I’ve been taking them up on the offer since Monday morning and have experienced some of the most spirit-led, intense and connected worship and ministry ever! 

I know that God is not blessing those of us at the front any more than anyone else in the room. He loves us all equally. But for me, that literal step of faith is resulting in a growing of that heart to heart connection that I crave with our loving Heavenly Father.

The space is there and the call has been given, so I’m not intending to leave my gift on the altar!

It’s been incredible so far, for many more people than just me, and I can’t wait to see what he’s going to lead us into over the rest of the week. 

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