The Father’s love for us

Yesterday morning, there weren’t any kids’ groups at New Wine.  So trying to be the good Dad I asked Bea, my youngest, if she fancied coming with me to Impact.  Kind of a “bring your daughter to work day” but on holiday!  Being a bit of a Daddy’s girl, she jumped at the chance.

It was lovely having her there alongside me experiencing the noise, light and fun that is the Impact venue.  But it was in one of the quieter times of the service that having her there gave me one of those lovely little revelations into God’s
Apropos of nothing really, as we sat next to one another, Bea snuggled right up to me. As the music played and the people worshipped, I put but both of my arms around her and knelt there for what seemed like ages, just holding her. And I had the most beautiful feeling that that’s exactly how God is with us. A snapshot, if you will, of how our relationship with him works.  That all we have to do is draw near and he will sit with us, holding us, unconditionally, whatever we are going through.

Usually, I suppose I love to worship in quite an extroverted manner; singing loudly, arms aloft.  Even dancing.  It was so wonderfully reassuring to know that, sometimes, all we need to do is to come quietly before our Heavenly Father and let him hold us.  To let him love us in the way that only a Father can.   Not an earthy Father like me, with all of the flaws that entails, but a perfect Heavenly Father who loves us no matter what.

I don’t know if anyone else has been praying, as I blogged the other day, that I would know more of the Father’s love.  But if you have thank you, because it seems to be working!

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