Coming down from the mountain

It was interesting, given my post yesterday, that this morning’s podcast from “Pray As You Go” was about the Transfiguration.

Peter, James and John accompanied Jesus to the mountaintop and, when they had seen him transfigured in the presence of Moses and Elijah, offered to build three tents.  The commentary explained that the three men, overcome with awe at the events (and who wouldn’t be?) wanted to stay there on the mountain.  To find some way of maintaining that glorious presence int he form of monuments to Jesus, Moses and Elijah.

But, they had to go back down the mountain and into their day to day lives.

I felt a bit the same on my drive to work this morning as I listened.  I experienced so much of the presence of God last week at New Wine that a large part of me just wants that to keep that feeling going.

However, there is work to do.

Jesus never intended that we would exist in a perfect bubble of his love, isolated from outside events.  Quite the contrary – we are called to be here in the world, with our sleeves rolled up, in the muck and bullets.

I would love to still be there in Shepton Mallet, with the crowds of believers enjoying week 2 of New Wine United.  But, like Peter, James and John, today I have to come down on the mountain and do my bit to build God’s kingdom here.

P.S.  If you haven’t experienced the excellent “Pray As You Go” podcast, then please check it out.  You’ll get a daily audio reading and devotional every day on your chosen podcast programme.  I’m not affiliated in any way but I often start my day with this excellent resource.  I hope you can be blessed in the way that I have.   

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