Time to stand and stare

“What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.”

From “Leisure” by William Henry Davies

I love this short passage because in the busy-ness of life it speaks of the benefit of slowing down, taking in the scenery and paying attention to what’s going on around us.

The weather was beautiful around here this morning.  Cool and sunny with not a cloud in the sky – perfect for cycling to the station.  Inspired by the sunshine and exercise, on the train to work, rather than sit with my head in my phone, I took in the scenery and ended up having a lovely conversation with the lady sitting opposite me.  She’s not a total stranger as we’ve got the same train together on and off for years. Yet sitting all around us, missing out on the scenery and chance to chat to one another, the majority of other people were glued to their smartphones.

Sure, some mornings I sort out my task list on my phone, or read that day’s Bible plan passages, so I suppose I shouldn’t judge.  But what the experience this morning reinforced for me is that when we do take the time to unplug, to lift our heads and look around, small but great things can happen.


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