Jesus is risen.

Sin and death have been defeated.


In the Christian faith, even more so than Christmas, Easter is a time for celebrating. It’s a time for new life and new beginnings and is in many ways, a better time for starting a lasting change than New Year. For me Easter this year, as many before, means recommitting my life to Jesus Christ and abandoning my own plans in preference for his.  It means putting Jesus before everything else in life.

I’ll try and I’ll fail, but I’ll try again.

It means praying once more in that wild and scary way that Jabez did: Lord take this life and bless me so that you can do  what you want to through me.

The Psalmist wrote these words at the start of Psalm 25:

“O Lord, I give my life to you. I trust in you my God.”

It’s one of my favourite verses – a short and yet powerful piece of scripture. As we celebrate Easter and think about the changes God wants made in the world, in each of our lives, I’m making it my prayer for the year ahead.

What about you? How will Easter mean a fresh start in your life?

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