Who am I?

Hi, I’m Richard. Pleased to meet you!

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I believe that we all have something amazing to contribute to the world.  That we each have a unique purpose for which we were made and I’m on my own journey to find out what that means for me. 

This blog is a place to share those experiences and hopefully to encourage great people like you as well. 

I write about self-improvement, the search for purpose, life, faith, all sorts really.  Some of my posts are very much about my Christian faith and some are more general.  If one and not the other interests you, click the relevant link in the “Categories” menu.  If you’re happy with the whole lot mixed together then brilliant, that’s what you’ll find on the homepage.  I hope you enjoy the blog, and indeed reading about my journey as it happens.  

We only get one go at life and second best isn’t good enough – we owe the world better than that.   I’d love to connect with you to see what that means in your life – maybe we could even do great things together? 

To paraphrase the late Steve Jobs, let’s do what we can to…

“Put a little dent in the Universe.”