Business Development is not the same as Sales!

The first time I heard the phrase “business development” or to give it it’s common abbreviation “BD”, it was in the context of a conversation about increasing short-term sales for an organisation. Since then I have found that the two expressions are used interchangeably to the point that, in many people’s minds, they often mean … Continue reading Business Development is not the same as Sales!


Momentum is not really my friend. I'm definitely a starter rather than a finisher and something of a serial starter at that. Take this blog for instance. Several years ago when I kicked it off, I was full of high hopes for regular posting, but that soon fades. I started a podcast last year, initially … Continue reading Momentum


How's your day looking? Packed calendar? Back to back meetings? Trying to keep abreast of Teams, Slack, Whatsapp, email and have normal conversations with actual people? Yep, I've had plenty of days like that too. I wrote something recently about the need to take time over each weekend to pause and renew ourselves for the … Continue reading Pause

Habits 2.0

I really enjoyed thinking about and working on my recent post on habits. I spent a little bit of time jazzing them up further and compiled the whole thing into a PDF over on LinkedIn. It's free to download from there so please help yourselves: CLICK THIS LINK