How's your day looking? Packed calendar? Back to back meetings? Trying to keep abreast of Teams, Slack, Whatsapp, email and have normal conversations with actual people? Yep, I've had plenty of days like that too. I wrote something recently about the need to take time over each weekend to pause and renew ourselves for the … Continue reading Pause

Habits 2.0

I really enjoyed thinking about and working on my recent post on habits. I spent a little bit of time jazzing them up further and compiled the whole thing into a PDF over on LinkedIn. It's free to download from there so please help yourselves: CLICK THIS LINK

The open ocean

One of my favourite books is James Cracknell and Ben Fogle's "The Crossing".  It tells the story of the authors' attempt at the Atlantic Rowing Race in which, inexperienced and unprepared, they rowed almost 3,000 miles from the Canary Isles to the West Indies.  It's incredible and inspiring stuff. The overwhelming feelings I took from … Continue reading The open ocean

Are you trying to sell a Betamax?

Some years ago, I worked for a company who had developed a genuinely great product. Technologically better than the competition. More advanced. Reduced whole-life costs. The future made real. The only thing is, no one wanted to buy it. No matter how much we explained, in pitch after pitch, the significant benefits of this product against its peers. What every … Continue reading Are you trying to sell a Betamax?