Pruning back

It’s time for a bit of a change on my blog again – another step in the process of refining it into whatever it is that it’s meant to be.

Over the few years that I’ve had this blog, it’s been a number of things. Firstly, it was a place for me to publish quite long, faith based articles. Often these were the basis or a summary of of some of the talks I’d given in church over that time. Then I branched out a bit into more general pieces on new ways of thinking, inspiration, innovation and so on. Not to mention those on my interest in journaling.

More recently, I set up a separate channel on the blog on which to share favourite photographs that I’d taken. It all fit loosely together I suppose under the general heading of “stuff that I’ve created to share with the world. I was up to 80 odd posts and was quite proud of what I’d achieved, but in truth it began to feel a little disjointed and somewhat bloated too.

So it’s time for a renewed focus.

In keeping with my vision statement described in previous posts on the blog, my aim is to inspire people to find their true purpose and to grow in it. The blog will be a place to share the best of what I’ve learned or found that’s interesting, plus plenty of my own thoughts and articles. I’ve trimmed the content right back to the posts which best fitted this objective. The others are not gone, but I’ve shelved them for now and some will be reworked into something better and more fitting.* The photos may well get their own blog in the future.

If you want a fruit tree to yield more fruit, somewhat counter-intuitively you must occasionally prune back its branches. Initially this can leave the poor thing looking a little forlorn, but a season or two later it will be healthier and more productive. So it is with all of us. Sometimes, we need to take stock of our own lives and prune back the excess and those areas that are not resulting in good fruit.

I’m hoping a good pruning now will this makes the blog sharper, more focused (and perhaps more engaging too) in the future.

Time will tell…


* Because I had to upload the posts again that I wanted to keep, I lost track of the precise date of original publication. That means that in one or two places, dates which reference something in particular, or those on which comments were posted, may not be quite right.  I’ll get round to updating it eventually! 

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