Momentum is not really my friend. I’m definitely a starter rather than a finisher and something of a serial starter at that.

Take this blog for instance. Several years ago when I kicked it off, I was full of high hopes for regular posting, but that soon fades. I started a podcast last year, initially daily (as if that was ever going to be sustainable) then weekly and now every so often, when I can be bothered.

I’d really like to (and I use this phrase through gritted teeth) “create content” more regularly and I do like to write. The process is quite therapeutic and I think I can string words together reasonably well (your mileage may vary). But the only consistency I’ll bring to the process is one of consistently starting, then stopping again. Sometimes for some time.

I find starting things a lot of fun. It’s new and exciting and definitely the reason that I preferred working on concept level projects as a PM and ultimately sales strategy. But then a point comes, shockingly quickly, where I just lose all interest. Great if I can hand the work over to the operations team. Not so much if I have to crack on and deliver it myself!

There must be a solution and I must actually be able to stick at some things. I mean I’ve been a husband for 20 years, a father for 21, I did the martial art of aikido for about 16 years and have been a member of the same church now for 10. I’m definitely not a quitter.

So is there a place for irregularly posted online content? Tim Urban’s fantastic blog Wait But Why is, I suppose a case in point. He posts very infrequently, but in tremendous depth and with articles that are always worth the time they take to read. Others like Seth Godin advocate much less lengthy but more regular posts to build up momentum and an audience. Perhaps the answer is that great content, posted however often will find the audience who needs it?

But for now, I’m going to try and post more regularly. Just because when I actually sit down to start typing, words come out and the process is actually rather enjoyable!

Great content though? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

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