From small acorns, mighty oak trees grow

Creating something big and amazing can’t happen all at once. At least not if it’s worth doing. Those tiny first steps can seem far too small and the end goal a long way off.

Tell that to an acorn. Tiny and almost insignificant, yet inside it contains everything needed for a huge oak tree to grow. Sure it may take more than a century to come to fruition, but the result will be a beautiful tree made of some of the strongest wood in the world.

The secret is that you have to plant the acorn. To take ACTION! And having taken action then keep feeding and watering that seed, certain that eventually what you have planned will benefit the world.

This morning I planted just such an acorn. I put a metaphorical seed in the ground which will, eventually, grow into something much, much bigger than me. Exciting doesn’t come close to describing how this feels!

I’ll say no more than that for now, but stick around and in the not too distant future, we’ll sit together under the branches of what’s going to grow. Hopefully (if I get my finger out) it won’t take a century!

positiveleadership #strategicthinking #businessdevelopment #impact

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