How’s your day looking? Packed calendar? Back to back meetings? Trying to keep abreast of Teams, Slack, Whatsapp, email and have normal conversations with actual people?

Yep, I’ve had plenty of days like that too.

I wrote something recently about the need to take time over each weekend to pause and renew ourselves for the week ahead. To work from a place of rest rather than vice-versa. What I’m also finding though, is that small pauses through the whole week also help tremendously.

There’s a superb article on the Do Lectures website here, which is what inspired me to try the idea out. Rather then rushing from one thing to the next all day, try and build a little pause in between each. It doesn’t need to be much at all. For instance, Robert Poynton, the author of the article, recommends counting to one before going into a room. A single second. Is there anyone among us who can’t spare that much time!

What each little pause does, is allow you to re-centre yourself a little. To shed some of the baggage that your previous meeting, call or email brought and to focus better on the next one. As someone who really struggles to sit and be inactive, in addition to my morning walk, I’ve found something else which really helps. When I sit down to work and open my laptop, I close my eyes and count back slowly from 300. More or less in time with my heartbeats. Counting backwards is complex enough that it occupies my busy brain. As my heart rate naturally slows, the counting becomes slower and more relaxed, which seems to then self-perpetuate.

And it takes, roughly, five minutes.

That’s all.

Surely you can spare that once a day?

So how about you? How are you building in the time to pause throughout your busy life?

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