Something that I really enjoy from time to time is fishing. Most often when I’m on holiday to be honest, I’m not a fisherman who spends every weekend on the riverbank. But I find that setting up for a few hours and wondering what I -might catch is both (weirdly) peaceful and exciting. I was chatting recently with a coach about some processes related to building an online business and was struck by the fishing-related parallels! Here are my top three takeaways:

1. Do something you love doing

I know that not all of us wake up on every Monday thrilled at the prospect of the week ahead. But it really helps your chances of doing well if you love what it is that you do. It’s your life so if there is too much unhappiness then either change paths or change mindset. Switch all of those “I have to…” moments into the far more positive “I get to…” It helps so much with the work to come if you’re operating from a mindset of gratefulness. I couldn’t apply the lessons below to golf, because I hate it! Fishing however brings me pleasure and so I am much more likely to follow the steps to being successful. It’s the same with my work – I love what I do and so the necessary growth journey is interesting and (generally) not painful.

2. Find a process that works and fit it to your situation

In almost every endeavour, there is no point reinventing the wheel if you don’t have to. Sure, there are always the innovators – the ones who find that paradigm-changing evolution or revolution – but for the beginner, or general operator, following a proven path is a great route to success. When fishing, I use a pretty standard set of tackle and bait and nothing too fancy or cumbersome. And although it’ll never make headlines in the world of angling, I don’t care because it works! It’s crucial to use the right process of course. Better fishermen than I may disagree, but sea fishing methods and equipment are probably not going to be all that successful on a trout river. This thinking is also true in our work. There are proven processes and tools for building up a network of leads, nurturing your pipeline of opportunities, developing a superb proposal and delivering an excellent pitch presentation. The key is to work with a good coach who can teach you those skills and how to apply them to your own business.

3. Be patient – trust the process

This is the part where I struggle! I lack patience and within fifteen minutes of setting up to fish, get frustrated if I’m not starting to see results. The previous step goes out of the window and I want to change bait, rig, location… You get the picture. Better fishermen learn to trust the process and have faith that the methods will, eventually, be successful. Work is no different. Building up a meaningful social media following, or a vibrant network of clients are both slow, steady processes. Step by step, day by day. Again, we need to find a coach and a process that works then patiently trust them, executing the methods steadily and consistently.

So does this mean then that if you follow the steps above you’ll be successful on every outing? No of course not. As a great friend once told me, it’s called “fishing” rather than “catching” for good reason! But at least if you are doing what you love and have a proven method to follow, your chances of succeeding in the long term are far greater.

So have a great week ahead. Do what you love, find a process that works, trust and follow it patiently. I’d love to know how you get on and if you’d like to chat more, feel free to get in touch.

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