Going on holiday!

Remember when you were little and in the summer one of your parents said: 

“School’s out!  We’re going on holiday!  Two weeks of fun in the sun!”

You got pretty excited about that, right?  I know I did!

Now imagine that they’d said:

“School’s out!  We’re going to pack our bags, get in the car, turn right at the end of the road, drive through town to the motorway, follow the M5 to Exeter, turn right onto the A30….”

Not even nearly as exciting and inspiring is it?  In fact it would probably leave the children crying:


  • Yes.  It’s all valid information
  • Yes.  They are the steps which will need to be taken

But what it’s NOT is a simple and inspiring vision for the future. 

Yet that dry factual language is exactly the way that a lot of organisations express their vision for the future and the strategies to get there. 

And then we wonder why staff seem so disengaged.

#positiveleadership #strategicthinking #businessdevelopment #strategy

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