Confession: I like Coldplay

In certain circles, this is not a cool thing to say.  Not everyone likes Coldplay, in fact a lot of people DON’T like Coldplay at all!

But I don’t care.

And neither do they.

I’m sure it was the Seth Godin who wrote (or maybe podcasted) about the fact that, early in their career, Coldplay came under a lot of pressure to change their sound.

To be more “mainstream”.

To appeal to the mass-market.

But to their great credit, they stuck to their guns and the result?  Over 20 years of global success and a devoted fanbase.

Not everyone likes them.  But enough people do.

Had Coldplay changed themselves to suit the record company’s needs – instant hits and a quick buck for the next few quarters – it’s probable they’d have been just another one hit wonder.

But Coldplay know who they are and what they stand for.  In hort, they have a PURPOSE and a VISION!  

They’ve remained true to these despite outside pressure.

And the people who get that too (however intangible it might be) love them for it.

How is your organisation like Coldplay?

Are you trying to be everything to everyone in the hope that someone will want to work with you?

Or do you have a vision that you’re working towards, which not everyone will understand?  

Because once the right number of people get it, once they too believe what you believe, you’ll have devoted fans for life.

Not a one hit wonder. 


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